Westhoughton Sub Aqua Club

    Frequently Asked Questions


Q. So what do I get for my membership ?

A.Iím glad you asked that ! You get membership of the biggest group of diving clubs in the world, with internationally renowned diver training for free, as far up the qualification scale as you want to go, from beginner to Ocean Diver all the way up to starting your instructor grades, and some help in preparing for the instructor exams beyond that ! You get a student book and your qualification log book and free third party diving insurance, as well as a world class monthly diving magazine; ĎSCUBAí You get the loan of almost £1000 worth of W.S.A.C. diving equipment for you to learn to dive with up to the start of your open water diving activities. You get access to diving activities and opportunities to go diving with the branch members, both during training if appropriate and later on once you have qualified. You also get the chance to make new friends in a relaxed and friendly club environment, where being a diver means that everyone is responsible for looking after their fellow divers. Together as a team we are able to add friendship, exploration and adventure to our lives! How much is that worth to you?

Q. That sounds really good, so whatís the catch ?

A. There is no catch, thatís all there is to it, you join and turn up every Thursday evening and we train you, then when you are suitably qualified we take you diving, and everyone has a good time !

Q. What if I only want to learn the first grade and donít want to go any further ?

A. Thatís perfectly fine, we encourage new members to learn at their own pace, if you want to stop your training for a while and pick it up again later thatís great, we want you to be happy and relaxed and only do the training you feel ready for. If you donít want to progress beyond the first stage, (Ocean Diver), thatís O.K. but we do want you to stay on as a member and to take part in diving activities.

Q. Right, Iíve got my Ocean Diver qualification, now what ?

A. By now one of two things will have happened; either you have enjoyed the experience but only want to dive on holiday in the future and donít want to spend any more money on it, or the dive bug will have bitten and you want to progress with your fabulous new-found adventure sport. Either way the future looks great, your new qualification card will be accepted by dive centres all around the world, so the adventure is only just beginning, but if you want to go further into the sport you will need to start buying your own equipment as we will need to lend the kit you have borrowed to our next intake of trainees. This can be a worrying time if cash is tight, but the branch has a huge amount of experience in buying diving equipment, and with our knowledge and contacts we can help you get the best for less. It is also worth remembering that the British Isles has some of the most varied and interesting diving to be found anywhere in the world and has more shipwrecks than anywhere in the world, and has some of the richest areas of sea-life in the world, and if you donít believe me, just wait until the next club trip ! You will never experience what we can show you by sitting in front of a T.V.

Q. What is the next qualification?

A. After reaching the Ocean Diver grade we usually progress those members who want to go further by starting the Sport Diver course within a few months?

Q. Iím still worried there is a catch, are you really qualified to teach all this ?

A. Yes we are; our instructors are all Nationally Qualified ĎOpen Waterí Instructors who have taken two courses and passed three exam stages to gain their instructor status. On occasions you may be taught by an assistant instructor who is under further training and will themselves be under the supervision of a Nationally Qualified Instructor. We also have an Advanced Instructor who is also an Instructor Trainer, (they instruct instructors how to instruct !), and a First Class Diver and held the post of ĎNorth West Regional Coachí from 2000 to 2003 and has held the post of Coaching Coordinator for the UK as a member of the UK National Diving Committee, so yes we can say with out any shadow of doubt, we are qualified to teach diving !